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Australia's most comfortable Latin Dance Shoes

Salsa, Bachata & Samba Shoes.
Made by Dancers, for Dancers.

Dansa Shoes were created by Liz Conrado, Director of Melbourne Latin Dance, to create a shoe that not only looks amazing but also feels amazing. The shoes have been designed based on years of dance experience and have been named by many of Melbourne Latin Dance’s school students as the “most comfortable latin dance shoes” they have ever tried.

There is an absolutely MASSIVE difference between dancing with dance shoes and dancing without dance shoes.

If you want to make the most of your classes, please get yourself into some dance shoes as soon as possible.

I created the Dansa range of dance shoes some time ago because I was frustrated with dance shoes that didn’t have the criteria that I know dancers need.

Many years and many very satisfied dancers later, I have decided to no longer sell dance shoes at all, so I am clearing what is left of my range.

If I happen to still have your size available – grab them!

- Liz Conrado

MLD Director

Book A Shoe Fitting With Us

Given as we are a dance studio, we are available for you to come in and try on shoes outside of our evening teaching hours. The following times are usually available for shoe fittings every week:

Mondays – 9.45 pm
Wednesdays – 9.30 pm

Please note that if the above times do not work for you at all, we may also be able to meet you before class on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for a shoe fitting.

These times would usually be:

Mondays at 5.30pm
Tuesdays at 6pm
Wednesdays at 5.30pm

Please select the time that suits and include in your enquiry or alternatively, if none of the above times work, please feel free to contact us or call us on 0419 150 174 to arrange an alternative time.

Clearance Sale!

Our Clearance Sale has been running for some time, so we are now getting to the end of our Clearance Stock. As such, we are now noting here on our website which sizes are available in all of our styles. Please check for your size underneath each shoe style.

Sizes generally run the same as European Sizing for Ladies shoes however depending on the style, they can sometimes run slightly larger or smaller than you normally wear.

Now that we have cleared almost all of our stock, I am often getting ladies coming back looking for another pair or two because they are so super comfortable – often only to find that we are all sold out! If we have your size - grab them while you still can!

The last of our Clearance Dance Shoes are available in the following sizes

Book Your Shoe Fitting Now

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