Showcase Performance Courses will run for 8 consecutive weeks commencing week beginning Monday 17th October and culminating with the Performance on Saturday 10th December so save the date!

How exciting! It’s Showcase time again – the most exciting time of the year for MLD and its’ students!

Every year, in our last term of the year at Melbourne Latin Dance we dedicate ourselves to giving our students the opportunity to be part of a Student Performance Team and perform – even if they’ve never done so before and even if they’ve only just started learning! Every dance style we offer (Salsa, Samba, Bachata and Reggaeton) is learnt as a performance course in this term. Like our regular terms, the Showcase term has a regular 1 hour weekday class, however in the Showcase Term students also attend a second 1 ½ hour class at the weekend (Sunday), or, in some cases, vise-versa, either way, it works out to 2 ½ hours of class time per week for 8 weeks – that’s 20 class hours!

The performances are often themed and always costumed of course! At the end of the 8 weeks the students’ efforts culminate in amazing performances at the MLD Showcase with friends and family in attendance to watch proudly!

No matter what your current level of dance ability is, there is no better way to fast track your dancing than taking part in a Performance Team so don’t miss this opportunity. Not only are Performance Courses the best way to fast track your dancing ability – they are also THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE! At MLD we put far more of our time, effort and energy into the Showcase Term and you gain far more benefit than in a regular term – but, having said that, the cost per class hour is LESS than for our regular classes!

We only accept limited numbers into the MLD Student Showcase Performance teams – so places really are strictly limited. Last year places in many of the Showcase courses sold out very quickly.


6.30 – 7.30Beginners Samba & Sundays 1.00 – 2.30 pm
7.30 – 8.30Beginners Reggaeton & Sundays 3 – 4.30 pm
8.30 – 9.30Intermediate Reggaeton & Sundays 4.30 – 6pm
6.30 – 7.30Beginners Samba & Sundays 1.00 – 2.30 pm
7.30 – 8.30Beginners Salsa & Sundays 11.30 am – 1.00 pm
7.00 – 9.30Intermediate Samba
6.00 – 7.00Beginners Salsa & Sundays 11.30 am – 1.00 pm
7.00 – 9.30 Salsa


Early Bird Pricing (if paid on or by Friday 23rd September)

1 Showcase Course$275
2 Showcase Courses$235
3 Showcase Courses$195
4 Showcase Courses$165

Regular Pricing (if paid after Friday 23rd September)

1 Showcase Course$295
2 Showcase Courses$255
3 Showcase Courses$215
4 Showcase Courses$185


  • The Performance Courses will run for 8 consecutive weeks commencing week beginning Monday 17th October and culminating with the Performance on Saturday 10th December.
  • There will be a 1 hour weekday class and also a 1 ½ hour rehearsal each Sunday (or vise-versa). There will be a technical rehearsal at the venue on the Saturday of week 8 in place of the Sunday rehearsal on Week 8. This means that you will be receiving 20 hours of tuition over the 8 weeks.
  • Performers will not need to pay entry to the Showcase Event on Saturday 10th December so long as they have purchased at least 2 tickets for friends/family, otherwise there will be a $15 cover fee (due by Week 5).
  • There will also be photos and videos of the performances made available to you FREE. Yes, photos and videos are included! The footage of your performance will be made available to you on our Facebook page and/or our Youtube channel and high res copies of both photos and videos will also be available for download.
  • There will be an additional (yet to be determined) cost of your costume. We anticipate about $100 - $150 excluding shoes and a $15 costume sourcing fee. The $160 for costumes will need to be paid at the studio by the second week of the course. Once costumes have been purchased and total cost established, the difference will be refunded.


Please note that Intermediate Samba costumes are an exception and will exceed $160.


For partnered Performance Courses such as Salsa and Bachata although YOU DO NOT NEED TO JOIN WITH A PARTNER to do these courses, we MUST have even numbers of Men and Women in the courses. We must know in advance of your interest in joining or we cannot ensure a partner for you on the first night of the course starting. If you are interested in joining one of the Performance Courses you must register well in advance to the course starting.

If you want to do the Showcase Performance Course but don’t want to perform…

First let me say that I can’t imagine why!! Sometimes people are away or have commitments on the night of the performance but don’t want to miss out on the accelerated learning curve that a Performance Course provides, not to mention missing out on 8 Weeks of dancing! (Never a good idea if your plan is to be moving forward with your dancing! Eight weeks out of the game is likely to set you back a little!) Then, there are those who simply don’t want to perform.

For courses not requiring a partner, such as Reggaeton or Brazilian Samba, this has no bearing on anyone else and so therefore it is ok to do this.

For partnered Courses such as Salsa or Bachata courses you can only do the performance course if you either have a dance partner who also wants to do the course but not perform, or there happens to be someone else enrolling who wants to do the course but doesn’t want to perform. Best bet is to register your interest in the course with us and we’ll see what we can do about partnering you with someone who also doesn’t want to perform, if not performing is your preference.

Having said all of this, it is very rare that people do want to do the performance course but not perform. Performing is a blast and it’s something everyone should do at least once in their lives!! If it’s not on your bucket list yet – it should be!


Renaissance Theatre, 826 High Street, Kew East

We hope to see you dancing soon!
Liz and the MLD Team