The dance style Reggaeton could also described as “Latin Hip Hop” as it is a fusion of Latin moves, Hip Hop and Reggae.  The dance style originally came to be because of the style of music which became known as Reggaeton.  It is said the music originated in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Panama and Puerto Rico towards the end of the 90’s. It spread like wild fire through Latin America and the rest of the world with artists like “Daddy Yankee” with his song “Gasolina” taking the music style from the Ghetto and basements of Puerto Rico to the mainstream audience. It has been said that Reggaeton music, with its controversial rap lyrics and “perreo” dance moves has been banned in Puerto Rico, perhaps adding to its appeal. 

Reggaeton is a solo dance style and as such in learning this style of dance the focus is on improving movement, isolation and co-ordination as a solo dancer as opposed to partnered dances the focus is more on connecting with a partner and learning lead/follow techniques.

Best of all Reggaeton is loads of fun, the music is very upbeat and it’s an incredible workout!


Demonstration of Reggaeton