Private Lessons

Private lessons are available at the studio by appointment for any of the dance styles offered at Melbourne Latin Dance. The benefits of learning to dance with private lessons are numerous.  Obviously the convenience appeals to many people as private lessons are arranged at a time that is convenient for you rather than being locked into a fixed timetable.

Beyond convenience, privates are beneficial as you are learning one on one with your instructor and all of their attention is on you rather than being shared with 30 or so other students as is the case in a class scenario.  In this way, instructors are able to delve into far more technique than is possible in a class scenario, and are also able to tailor lessons to suit your needs, thereby targeting and developing your weaker areas specifically and developing your strengths.

Additionally, with partnered dances such as Salsa and Bachata etc, feeling connection through technically correct and effective lead and follow is crucial and privates enable your instructor to not only see if your dance technique is looking correct, but equally importantly to feel that your lead / follow connection and technique is correct.

Private lessons should be considered very early on in your dancing journey as even a few private lessons will help to prevent you falling into bad habits which you may not even be aware of.  Such bad habits, over time become ingrained in your muscle memory and then become increasingly difficult habits to break. Private lessons are sure to take your dancing to the next level so GO FOR IT!

To book private lessons call us on 0419 150 174 or email us at


Private lessons are one hour in duration and the hourly rate applies for up to two people in the lesson

$85 per hour

Rates below for group sessions are per student per hour

3 students  $30 each
4 + students  $25 each
10 + students  $20 each