All classes (with the exception of the Free Beginners Salsa Class) are taught as 8 Week Courses. 

In the Beginners Salsa Courses students learn a turnpattern that spans the entire 8 weeks.  This means that we teach a little on the first night then the following week revise what we learnt the previous week and make any necessary corrections and then add the next move.  We continue doing this for 8 weeks until at the end of 8 weeks the students can successfully execute the entire dance from beginning to end and do it well due to the constant revision, correction and practice!  The teachers at MLD are always amazed at how quickly the students learn and progress!

At the Intermediate and Advanced Levels, over the 8 Weeks students learn 2 sets of turnpatterns, each spanning 4 Weeks.  As with the Beginners Courses, the students learn a little on the first week, then add to it and repeat from the top in the following weeks.  We have found that by doing this, students actually retain what they have learnt and therefore are able to actually use it when dancing socially which of course is what it is all about!  Too many times students doing casual classes complain that they keep attending classes but can’t remember the turnpatterns.  Syllabus courses overcome this.  An additional benefit of this method is that as we repeat the turnpattern over the 4 Weeks, there is opportunity to “clean up” sections from previous weeks that may need attention, which we would not have the opportunity to address if we did not run Syllabus Courses.

Students may advance to the next level before completing all of the Courses at their current level however, in the best interests of your fellow students and in the interest of maintaining the standard that MLD is known for, this can only occur with the consent of the MLD director.

Melbourne Latin Dance

Course Levels for Salsa:

  • Free Beginners Salsa Class (Introduction Class)
  • Beginners Salsa (3 Courses / 6 months)
  • Intermediate Salsa (6 Courses / 12 months)
  • Ladies Salsa Styling (Pre-requisite for Intermediate Salsa. Ideally this should be done simultaneously with last (3rd) Beginners Course)
  • Advanced Salsa
  • Student Performance Team  (For Information please refer to our  “Student Performance Teams” page

Explanation of Levels:
At Melbourne Latin Dance we run Salsa Classes at 3 different levels of difficulty: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Additionally, we run Free Beginners Salsa Classes each week.