Ladies Salsa Styling

This course is a pre-requisite for any ladies wishing to enrol in the MLD Intermediate Salsa Course.  This is true for students going up to Intermediate from Beginners Salsa from within MLD and also students who have had previous training at other schools and would like to enrol into Intermediate Salsa at MLD.

The Ladies Salsa Styling Course exists because there is a huge jump for ladies going from Beginners Salsa to Intermediate Salsa.  For men the footwork from Beginners to Intermediate does not change a great deal but the lead does, so this for the most part is handled best with a partner in the Intermediate Course.  For Ladies however, the footwork in Intermediate is far more advanced than it is at the Beginners level and requires a lot more spinning and detailed footwork from the girl. 

You can expect to cover all or most of the following in any Ladies Salsa Styling Course: Cross Body Lead inside and outside turns, LA and NY preps for spins, chennes (travelling spins), posture, using the floor, solo shines, connected shines and the list goes on.  Above all else, this course is taught with an immense amount of attention to the details of technique.