Ladies Salsa Styling & Technique

This Course is specifically for ladies only and teaches only female salsa moves.  Although salsa is a partnered dance sometimes it is extremely beneficial to focus only on the “follow” aspect (ladies role) and work solely on ladies footwork and technique.  Ladies will learn fundamentals such as correct posture for salsa dance, how to use their core for strength and balance, various salsa spins and turns and other fundamentals such as correct technique for Cross body lead inside and outside turns. It is essential first and foremost that these fundamentals are technically correct because from this solid foundation and with practice, ladies will find that their dancing becomes effortlessly accurate when dancing with a partner – which of course is our goal and what makes dancing feel sooo good! 

In every 8 Week Ladies Styling Course, ladies will also learn a very feminine and outright sexy shine/solo footwork, again with the focus being not only learning the steps but more importantly learning the underlying fundamental dance techniques for how to make the moves look and feel amazing!  Other Styling that the ladies will learn in each Course are Cross Body Lead styling variations, T-Stance shines (this is when your partner stops dancing, holds you out and watches you shine – we’ll help to make this a wonderful rather than terrifying experience for you!!!) and other styling moves to incorporate into your salsa while partnered.

In a nutshell, Ladies Styling covers essential techniques to make everything you do look stylish, elegant and graceful!  Ladies who take this Course, LOVE this course!

Ladies Please Note: For the purpose of learning technique pertinent to making the most of your Intermediate Course, prospective Intermediate Students are required to complete at least one 8 week Ladies Styling and Technique Course prior to starting Intermediate Salsa.  It is strongly recommended that Ladies do this course concurrently with their last beginners Course.


Demonstration of Ladies Salsa Styling